August 10, 2022

The Daily Gives iPad Users A Fresh News Experience

How about daily news sent to your iPad instead of reading the paper? Well today Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. launched The Daily. The Daily is a publication built just for the iPad, in what Murdock hopes will be the next generation of readers. For just $39.99, The Daily will deliver up to 100 […]

Apple To Fix Some Water-Damaged Phones

Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and the iPod shuffle have sensors on the inside that allow technicians to know when the phone has been dropped into with water. The sensor changes from a white/silver color to a red/pink color, but only if the device has come into contact with water. […]

White iPhone 4 Could Be Just Around The Corner

Ever since Apple announced the new iPhone 4 seven months ago, users have been begging for a white version of the device. Apple has traditionally offered a white version of the iPhone, but has yet to produce one for the iPhone 4 model. The reasons behind the numerous delays and lack of a white version […]

Apple’s App Store Hits 10 Billion Apps And Counting

Just two and a half years after launching, the Apple App Store saw it’s 10 billionth app download on Saturday. The store has facilitated a craze that other companies are drooling over. Apple has paved the way for other online stores such as the Android Market owned by Google, a Blackberry store and others by […]

One More Hit Against WikiLeaks

The backlash against WikiLeaks continues. On Tuesday, Apple Inc. removed an application from its iTunes App Store that allowed users to access information from the WikiLeaks web site. It also removed its Twitter feed. This change affects those using mobile devices from Apple such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple has joined the ranks of […]

Apple iPad 2 Speculation Heats Up Anticipation

Analysts and tech experts are already speculating on the next iteration of the Apple iPad citing signs in the supply chain as the signals an updated device is in the works. Apple has sold over 7.5 million iPads through the end of September with another 6 million anticipated to sell before the end of the […]

The Beatles On iTunes

It’s been a long time coming, but finally music by The Beatles can now be purchased on iTunes. In just 24 hours, The Beatles are dominating the service’s albums and song charts. Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, was the one that secured the deal to bring this Fab Four into the digital music world. He wasn’t […]

Skyfire Hits A Home Run With iPhone Users

Today a company named Skyfire released a little application in the Apple iTunes Store that solves a big problem for iPhone users. The Skyfire app gets around the lack of Adobe Flash support in the iPhone web browser. Apple has yet to support Adobe’s Flash Player on the iPhone for a variety of speculated reasons. […]

MacBook Air The Apple Of Company’s Eye During Press Event

New MacBook Air models were announced today during a press event titled “Back to the Mac” at the Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The models came as a surprise, as is typically the case with Apple, to event attendees. The Apple first released the MacBook Air as a new ultra-slim model line back in […]

Google Looks to Challenge Apple for Online Music Dominance

According to a report on, internet giant Google is hoping to build an online music service that will challenge Apple’s market dominating iTunes store.. Google is reportedly negotiating with the recording industry to provide a service that would let consumers download music in digital format or keep their music collection in the Internet “cloud” […]