September 25, 2022

Sustainable Design Coming To A Gadget Near You

sustainable design

Sustainability is starting to really take hold with electronic device manufacturers

According to recent research by Pike Research, sustainable design will be incorporated into more gadgets than ever before by 2015. Double what we currently have today, to the tune of over 100 billion gadgets on the market.

The largest companies manufacturing electronics are quickly improving their sustainability practices incorporating new materials and processes into the manufacturing process of many electronics gadgets. The move is one towards “triple bottom line” popular with businesses. The phrase represents people, plant and profit or the three pillars and are used to measure organizational success in three key areas: economic, ecological and social.

Pike Research, in their latest report, talks about just how companies are going to achieve the increased sustainability. These methods include designs that are more sustainable, attention to improving how manufacturing and distribution is approached, extraction of raw materials, and improved end of life management programs and processes.

Currently, sustainability touches about 68 billion gadgets. Pike estimates that by 2015, over 103 billion will be impacted. This represents strong growth of the movement throughout the electronics supply chain.

Attention is being focused on one sector in particular: semiconductor and component. This sector represents a total unit volume of over 95 percent in the electronics industry.

One thing to be sure of, however, is that the companies are closely eying the bottom line as the main driver in sustainability movements.