September 25, 2022

Supreme Court Denies Health Care Case

US Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court denied a petition to hear a case involving the new health care mandate

The new federal health care law has a number of activist groups, citizens and other agencies advocating against it. Many of these groups have taken legal action with cases being heard all over the United States at various levels of the justice system.

One such case, Baldwin v. Sebelius (10-369) was sent to the Supreme Court via petition prior to a ruling being handed down by a federal appeals court. The case deals with the new health legislation and the petition served a couple of key purposes. First, whether or not the recently passed law requiring all citizens to carry medical insurance by the year 2014 could be challenged at this early stage.

Second, whether Congress overstepped its power granted by the Constitution in mandating the purchase of insurance. Rulings have been found on both ends of the spectrum and it’s anticipated cases will make it to the Supreme Court at some point in the not so distant future.

The petition that the Supreme Court rule on the case now rather than waiting for the Circuit Court to rule, was denied on Monday.

Many involved with various cases and the process watched the reaction to the petition closely to get a feel for whether or not former United States Solicitor General, Justice Elena Kagan, would take part in hearing such a case. At this point, it appears she will participate.