September 25, 2022

Sunday Not Looking Good For Brett Favre

brett favre

Brett Favre may miss the last game of his NFL career due to a concussion. Image by dbking.

The hit Brett Favre took on December 20 in a game against the Chicago Bears, which the Minnesota Vikings ended up losing, has been plaguing him for going on two weeks now. He sustained a concussion during the hit and has been sidelined since.

Based on a recent report by the Detroit News, Favre is not looking good for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. He failed yet another concussion test yesterday, just four days before Sunday’s game. He’s already missed the Vikings’ win over Philadelphia this past Monday. The three time Most Valuable Player for the NFL won’t get clearance to play until he successful passes the concussion test.

Leslie Frazier, the Vikings interim coach, told the newspaper that a determination of Favre’s game day status would need to be made no later than Saturday.

Favre was on a 297 game start record for regular season games before an injury to his shoulder the week before he got the concussion.

The significance of this final game against the Detroit Lions is that it’s possibly the last game of Favre’s NFL career. He announced his intention to retire at the end of this season and Detroit will not be moving on to any post season games.

Favre told reporters after the Dec 20 game that took him out, “It has been a great run. I think my stubbornness, hardheadedness and stupidity at the time has enabled me to play for 20 years and play the way I’ve played. It’s just the way I’ve always approached it.”