October 3, 2022

Sundance Film Festival Welcomes Elizabeth Olsen

2011 sundance film festival

Elizabeth Olsen, little sister to the Olsen twins, makes her acting debut during the Sundance Film Festival this year

We have all heard of Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen, but few have heard of the younger, yet talented sister, Elizabeth Olsen. This year Elizabeth Olsen, 21, makes her debut at the Sundance Film Festival with not just one, but two movies.

She is in one of the hot films this year that will be featured at the Sundace Film Festival, “Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene.” She plays the role of a young woman who has escaped a cult. The film shows how she deals with coming to terms with her new life, yet reflecting back on what life was like while she was living in the cult.

First time director, Sean Durkin, put a lot of time into researching the cults. He even studied a wide variety of cults, in which he found many similar methods of manipulation and abuse.

He also based the film on the actual experiences of a friend who had left a cult. It took that friend almost 7 years before she would talk about her ordeal.

Elizabeth will also have a second film at the festival, “Silent House.” In this film, she is a learning that her house is haunted. The movie is shot with one continuous shot.

Elizabeth hasn’t experienced the paparazzi quite like her sisters have. She hopes she doesn’t have to, but she has always wanted to be an actress, so she will deal with it as it comes. For now she is just enjoying the ride.