October 3, 2022

Stranded Carnival Cruise Ships Provides Passengers With Spam

carnival splendor

Carnival Cruise Lines' Splendor vessel lost power after an engine room fire leaving passengers with a less than desirable cruise experience

Since Monday, the Carnival Cruise ship Splendor has been adrift off the coast of Mexico. There was a fire in the aft engine room leaving the entire boat without power. The cruise ship has about 4,500 passengers and crew members aboard.

The crew members managed to get toilets and showers working, but there is no heat or air conditioning and no hot food service.

Passengers had been hoping to feast on “all you can eat buffets” and fine dining establishments, instead they are eating Spam, Pop Tarts, croissants, crab meat and bread, thanks to the military. The Navy had to fly in extra food and medical supplies for all those stranded on board for another 1-2 days.

They are hoping to get the ship all the way into San Diego, but might need to make a stop in Encanada, Mexico. There are now two tug boats pulling the large vessel that is bigger than the Titanic.

Carnival realizes that this is an “unfortunate situation” and they do feel bad. They understand the inconvenience that this is to many of the passengers.

In response, Carnival has already offered a full refunded for the cost of the cruise and they have offered passengers another cruise for free in the future.

Splendor has canceled it’s next scheduled trip.