June 27, 2022

Spanish Airstrike Over But Many Still Left Stranded

air traffic control tower

Air traffic control workers in Spain caused a nationwide travel problem when they walked off the job Friday

On Friday air traffic controllers in Spain decided to go on a wildcat strike causing delayed and canceled flights. At one point, nothing was going in or out of any Spanish airports ruining the start of a long holiday travel weekend. Monday and Wednesday are both holidays in Spain and many were planning on taking a 5 day break.

Hundreds of thousands of people were left stranded and forced to find their own space at the airport to sit and wait. Some even slept in the airport.

On Saturday, the officials in Spain told all those on strike to return to work immediately or they could face criminal charges and jail time. Within hours after issuing those emergency orders all strikers were headed back to work.

The air space was reopened and a few flights have resumed. Most flights will start again on Sunday. For the bigger airports, which are much more of a tourist destination, it will take a few days for flights to be back to a normal schedule.

The controllers have been in talks, for a year, with authorities over their work conditions. The strike escalated Friday evening when the government approved a new package deal which many did not agree with.