October 3, 2022

Southwest Is Ordering Larger Planes

southwest airlines

Southwest unveiled plans for putting larger planes into service along with more destinations on the map. Image courtesy of Southwest.

Not only is Southwest ordering larger planes, but the plan is to also start offering international flights.

The initial order is for 20 of the 737-800 planes that are made by Boeing Company for delivery by March 2012. By 2014 they hope to have up to 70 of those planes in service.

Southwest is purchasing AirTran, which already flies to the Caribbean and Mexico. Once the purchase is complete, the airline plans to open up flights to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. All of those destinations are currently not being serviced by Southwest.

CEO Gary Kelly said they might use the new 737-800 planes at busier airports in the Northeast first, before they launch their international flights.

The new planes will have 175 seats, which is 38 more seats than the largest of Southwest’s current line up of planes. More seats means more money.

Southwest had originally ordered the 737-700, but has since switched it’s order to the 737-800. The average price of the 737-800 is $80.8 million and the smaller 737-700 is $67.9 million. Although the price could be lower since Boeing does offer a discount to good customers.

Southwest has kept things simple in recent years by having just one style of plane. By doing this they were able to train mechanics and pilots for just one type of plane. They have decided it’s now time for a change.