September 25, 2022

Southwest Airlines Is Doing What It Does Best

Southwest Airlines Unveils Florida One

Southwest Airlines continues to take the road less traveled, one of profits and financial success. Image Courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

After nearly 40 years in an industry that is littered with failed airline carcasses, Southwest Airlines is a breath of fresh air as a profitable airline. It has done this even while other airlines were bleeding money in the wake of decreased travel and increasing costs.

Southwest has enjoyed success only a few other airlines of late have seen. 86 million passengers flew with the airline last year, outpacing any other airline within the United States. The once bad boy airline has expanded from a regional Texas focus to a 3,200 flight a day major player. 544 planes make up it’s fleet, flying nationwide to 69 domestic cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Seattle, Washington.

Southwest hasn’t stopped with this success though. In September, it announced a purchase of AirTran Airways was in the works for a reported $1.4 billion. This acquisition will boost capacity by almost 25 percent.

The future appears a bit uncertain, however. Southwest’s rivals have modeled operations after the successful airline and are threatening the dominant player in the low fare space. JetBlue Airways and Allegiant Airlines are two of the most notable carriers looking to take a bite out of Southwest’s business.

How effectively Southwest can incorporate AirTran into it’s corporate culture and highly efficient system could be a make or break point for the airline.