October 3, 2022

Sony PSP Phone Or PlayStation Phone Appears To Be A New Focus Of Sony Along With Tablet

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Sony created some stir in its recent results call by alluding to several new, key products

A recent Sony results call was very telling about Sony’s focus and what new devices they’re working on. Although they didn’t confirm or deny any specifics, a lot of hints were dropped on the call allowing for some fairly serious conclusions to be drawn.

One confirmation that ended up coming from the call was the development of a project being worked on by the group responsible for the PlayStation and computers under the Sony brand. The Network Services group will be delivering the device sometime in the near future.

On the heels of that news, Sony Ericsson was touched on, specifically the Ericsson side. It appears they have been helping with development of smartphone and gaming devices, lending their expertise and experience in the space.

One piece of concrete news was delivered which is Sony’s desire to incorporate cellular data capabilities into the category solidified by the PSP device. This will most likely be a contender against the Apple iPhone, bringing Sony into the mobile entertainment arena on converged devices. A PSP Phone is rumored to be a slider phone with the Android operating system and PSP Go controls instead of a keyboard.

Finally, Sony has reversed course on the tablet PC category and decided it’s worthy of development attention. With the success of the Apple iPad, Sony is seeing viability in the category and wants to compete with a device of its own.