October 3, 2022

Snow Storm In Europe Cancels Many Flights

airport snow storm

Heavy snow fall shut down airports across Europe and impacted local schools and highways

On Friday, many flights were canceled out of many airports in Europe as heavy snow fell. There were major delays reported in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Britain experience the wrath of the storm as well.

Frankfurt is continental Europe’s second biggest hub and it saw over 600 cancellations. The airport was completely shut down for an hour on Thursday leaving about 1,000 passengers stranded.

It wasn’t just the airport that was shut down, schools were closed and highways were stopped with traffic caught in the storm. There were at least 3 deaths reported due to weather. The reports from the freeways throughout Germany showed over 350 accidents leaving over 30 people injured.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport also saw lots of cancellations and delays of up to four and a half hours.

Britain is also experiencing problems with the weather. The trains are canceled, the schools are closed and the roads are tied up because of the icy weather.

Denmark was even reporting injuries to their mail carriers including broken limbs, all because of the snow.

Even though Switzerland is used to snow they had to cancel 84 flights out of Zurich because there was way to much snow and they couldn’t keep up. Geneva had about 20 flights canceled.