September 25, 2022

Snow Hits East Coast

snow covered streets

The Eastern United States is getting hit hard by heavy snow fall causing all sorts of travel delays

It was an unexpected white Christmas for some on the East Coast. On Christmas Day, Virginia and North Carolina both declared states of emergency as crews worked throughout the day to try and clear the snow. The mid Atlantic states spent Christmas Day preparing for what was predicted to hit: a foot of snow.

With the storm moving in, airlines started canceling flights in the Northeast corridor. Continental Airlines canceled 250 flights from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Holiday travelers were scrambling trying to get to where they needed to be. Sunday does not look to be any better, with another 6 to 10 inches expected in some areas.

News channels warned people to not travel if they didn’t have to, but if they need to go, to allow for plenty of time.

New York City has a blizzard warning for Sunday and Monday. They are expecting up to 16 inches of snow and strong winds. Visibility could be near zero at times. With drifts forming from the high winds, travel advisories were in place.

United Airlines is also warning that they too will probably have delays and cancellations at their hub at Washington Dulles International Airport. Some carriers are waving fees for one time changes to flights in affected areas. Passengers are being asked to make those changes through their website.