October 3, 2022

Snow And Treacherous Weather Continues In Europe Stranding Many

airport snow

Extreme weather conditions are wreaking havoc on travel plans for those in Europe

The snow storms continue to paralyze many parts of Europe. Flights that have been canceled or delayed since Friday and there is more bad weather on the way. Tens of thousands of passengers are stranded at airports across Europe.

Many highways still remain closed. Trains and buses that could carry travelers have been restricted and warnings continue that the roads are treacherous. Currently, buses and trucks are not allowed on the roads, and the trains that aren’t canceled are under severe speed restrictions.

Many forecasters are calling this “freak weather,” and warn that there is more to come. The French forecasters were calling for another 8 inches of snow and freezing temperatures overnight that would cause the roads to freeze over.

Europe’s busiest airportsĀ  in London, Paris and Frankfurt canceled or delayed most flights. Heathrow Airport had to stop all incoming and outgoing flights so they could clear 33 tons of snow. This left more than 200,000 passengers stranded at that airport alone.

Many are sleeping in the terminals as all the hotels are completely booked. Several of those people are facing their second night of sleeping on floors.

With the holidays, many are just trying to get home to see family while others are trying to make it their vacation destination. Travelers are being asked to cancel trips if its not urgent to travel.