October 3, 2022

Skype Taking On Apple Video Chat

skype iphone

Skype is reportedly working on a version of its app that would support video conferencing on the iPhone and iPad devices. Image courtesy of Skype.

Based on a recently published, then swiftly removed, FAQ page on the Skype web site, video chat could be coming to the Apple iPhone in the not so distant future. The video calls would use both the 3G and Wi-Fi networks if brought to the iPhone platform.

The Internet based phone company plans to unveil a new version of it’s mobile application in January at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. This new version is supposed to bring support for video chat to the service mobile users have come to rely on.

Such a move would begin the potential dethroning of Apple’s exclusivity with its own video conferencing app called FaceTime. FaceTime is included in the latest version of iOS that powers the iPhone and iPod Tough devices. A powerhouse company like Skype taking on Apple FaceTime could pave the way for others to follow suit bringing some serious competition to Apple’s application.

A decent boost for Skype would be releasing an iPad version of its own FaceTime application prior to Apple doing so. Rumors have been circling about Apple being hard at work on a version of FaceTime for iPad devices, although hardware does not currently support such an application. It’s likely that the next version of the iPad, the iPad 2, will incorporate cameras and include an update bringing FaceTime to the iPad.