September 25, 2022

“Skins” On MTV Is Quickly Losing Advertiser Support

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MTV is facing controversy with it's new show "Skins" as advertisers are pulling support

MTV’s latest show, “Skins,” is on the fast track to losing advertiser support. Major advertising campaigns from corporate sponsors such as General Motors, Wrigley’s gum, Taco Bell and H&R Block are just a few of the latest to pull their ads from the shows advertising slots.

“Skins” made it’s debut on Monday after a media frenzy and wide spread attention leading up to the show’s first episode. The show follows teenagers in high school as they learn about a range of topics such as mental illness, sexual orientation and substance abuse. Their experimentation is depicted on screen through underage sex, heavy drinking and other sensitive content.

The Parents Television Council labeled “Skins” as “the most dangerous show” currently on television. They are lobbying hard against the show asking for companies to remove their support in the form of pulling advertising dollars. The PTC even went as far as saying some of the content was grounds for bringing the show up on child pornography charges.

This has led to the large corporate sponsors deciding against running their ads during the show in an effort to distance themselves from the polarized content.

MTV issued a statement after several advertisers pulled out saying, “We have an ongoing dialogue with our advertising partners about the best fit for them across our diverse lineup of shows.”