October 3, 2022

Should Americans Be Worried About Traveling In Europe

airport terminal

The United States issued a travel warning last night for Americans traveling in Europe with no specific cities mentioned

Just last night, the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning to Americans traveling in Europe. The warning itself was very vague and did not include a lot of information, but will stay in effect until January 2011.

The alert warned Americans of possible Al-Qaida attacks that could take place in Europe, yet no specific cities were listed. Although they did say to be watchful of places of previous activity such as rail systems, subways and places that are considered to be future targets like tourist attractions.

While Americans did not get anything specific, the United Kingdom issued the same warning telling their citizens to be watchful in Germany and in France.

Even though airlines were being watched carefully, Henry H. Harteveldt, who is the travel analyst for Forrester Research, said he wasn’t expecting to see any cancellations or even changes of schedules. He had not been told of any airlines offering a flight change without charging a fee or penalty because of the alert.

There are those that speculate this is much bigger than anyone is letting on. Still others say it’s enough of a warning to make sure everyone is being watchful. If there was a real danger the U.S. State Department would issue a “do not travel” warning to Europe.