September 25, 2022

“Saw 3-D” Weekend Box Office Hit

saw 3d movie

"Saw 3D" had a killer opening weekend taking the number one spot at the box office

“Saw 3-D” is the seventh and supposedly final chapter in the slasher franchise. It dominated at the box offices over Halloween weekend as horror movie fans flocked to theaters for their weekend entertainment.

The movie opened to $24.2 million over the weekend, even with the other competition including “Paranormal Activity 2” which had been doing really well. “Paranormal Activity 2” dropped 59% in the second weekend to $16.5 million.

“Saw 3-D” catapulted to the No. 1 spot thanks to the 3-D component,  as about 92% of movie goers chose to watch the movie in 3-D.

Previous sequels to “Saw 3-D” had cost a lot less to make, with the budget right around $11 million. Due to this final one being done in 3-D it did inflate the expenses and it ended up costing a lot more. The budget came in right around $20 million, which was the biggest budget for any of the “Saw” movies.

Since the first movie, back in 2004, the grisly “Saw” horror franchise has done $393 million in box office sales, which makes it the most successful horror franchise on record. “The Nightmare on Elm Street” followed very closely at $372 million with it’s nine movies and “Halloween” is the third most successful with $309 million over 10 films.

Overall, Lionsgate is happy with the final chapter stating that going out with such a huge win is a great way to close the chapter.