June 28, 2022

San Francisco Attempts Ban On Happy Meals, Mayor Vetoes

mcdonalds cheeseburger

San Francisco is attempting to clean up its fast food joints, one at a time, with a recent ban on high calorie meals including toys for kids

In an effort to battle childhood obesity, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors recently banned McDonald’s Happy Meals with toys in them. They felt the toys sent a mixed message to children and parents about the meals, attempting to mask the poor nutritional value of the meals by making them appear fun and kid friendly.

Despite the Board’s overwhelming vote in favor of the ban with 8 of its 11 members in favor of the law, Mayor Gavin Newsom vetoed the ban. The veto has the potential of being pointless since the Board has super majority support rendering the ban veto proof.

The November 2nd decision bans restaurants from providing free toys with any meal that contains more than 600 calories. The new law also requires fast food meals aimed at kids to contain healthy food items such as fruits, vegetables and drinks that don’t have excessive fat or sugar to qualify for including a toy.

This is just one in a long string of moves the city of San Francisco has been making since launching its “Shape Up San Francisco” program back in 2006. The program aims at using state funds to provide exercise for children who are school aged, build healthy environments for kids, and help kids understand how to make healthy choices.

Mayor Newsom hopes the board will reconsider it’s decision and decide not to overrule his veto.