September 25, 2022

Sales Of Unsafe Four Loko Drinks On The Rise

four loko

Caffeinated energy drinks are on the verge of being banned by the FDA unless they change their formula to comply with new rules

Warnings of how unsafe caffeinated alcoholic drinks are has done nothing but boost sales. The federal government has warned the 4 companies that are making these drinks, saying they are unsafe and that they violate federal law.

The FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said that the drinks “do not meet the legal standard for safety.”

The drinks have left dozens of people sick or hospitalized. Several states have even banned the drinks because they are so unsafe.

The warning letters have been sent to Four Loko, Joose and Max, Charge Beverages Corp, and New Century Brewing.

The FDA has given each of the companies 15 days to reformulate the drinks to meet FDA standards. If those companies choose not to comply, the FDA will seize the drinks and take legal action.

The FDA is not acting irrationally, they have been looking at these drinks for a year now. The caffeine in these drinks don’t make people less intoxicated, but it makes them feel that way. Therefore they end up drinking way too many, and they already have a very high alcohol content to begin with.

Four Loko has already said that they would eliminate the caffeine from their drink.

With all the publicity and even the ban, people are buying these up quickly.