September 25, 2022

Rutgers Students Face Criminal Charges in Freshman’s Suicide

Rutgers University

Rutgers University

Two Rutgers students are facing criminal charges for illegally shooting video of another student having sex and streaming the video over the internet.

Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University freshman took his own life the day after the two students secretly watched him in a sexual encounter with another man and broadcast the video over the internet.

Clementi apparently jumped into the Hudson River  from the George Washington Bridge on September 23rd. A man’s body was recovered today in the river near the bridge. Authorities believe the body is Clementi’s.

On September 22nd Clementi posted a message on his Facebook page that said, simply: “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

There was considerable dismay on the Rutgers campus over Clementi’s death as well as the incident that led to it.

In a letter to the Rutgers community, university president Richard McCormick stated that school officials were “profoundly saddened”.  He added, “If the charges are true, these actions gravely violate the university’s standards of decency and humanity.”

Ironically, the news of the student’s death arrived on the day that Rutgers unveiled a 2 year undertaking to improve behavior on the campus. The project is designed to encourage all Rutgers personnel, both students and staff, to attend presentations dealing with basic civility.

One of the students charged, Dharun Ravi, was a roommate of Clementi’s. The other student charged in the case is Molly Wei. If convicted, both could face a prison sentence of up to five years.

The prosecutor’s office for Middlesex County, N.J., charged the Ravi and Wei, both 18, with two counts each of invasion of privacy, asserting that they used a web cam to watch and broadcast a live video of Clementi on September 19th. Ravi also faces two additional counts of invasion of privacy, claiming that he attempted to transmit a second video of Clementi two days later. Ravi was unsuccessful in the second attempt to broadcast the video.

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