June 28, 2022

Reports Suggest New Apple iPad In The Works

apple ipad update

Rumors are circulating that Apple is working on a new version of the iPad. Courtesy of Apple.

Never one to sit on its laurels and enjoy the fruits of its labor, Apple is reportedly hard at work on a new version of the ever popular Apple iPad. The device is not even close to being a year old, yet sources are saying a new, slimmer version of the tablet device could be announced as early as Q1 of next year.

Apple expects to sell almost 13 million iPads this year, a big win for the company. This is great performance considering the iPad essentially defined a new category that other manufacturers are now scrambling to release products for. The device offers a gap filler between full blown laptops and smartphones.

Reuters indicated this morning that suppliers providing components for the iPad have indicated the new version of the iPad, some calling it the iPad2, is in the works. The new version is expected to be thinner, lighter and a bit smaller than the current version with a better resolution screen. It’s also anticipated it will include a camera, as the iPod Touch devices recently have.

If a camera is indeed included, the addition of Facetime for video conferencing could open up an untapped corporate use for the tablet device. This would help Apple bite even further into RIM’s stronghold on the business market.