September 25, 2022

Report Reveals the Cost of Obesity in Dollars and Cents

The Cost of Obesity

The Cost of Obesity

Most people are fully aware that obesity can cause a significant drop in life expectancy. However no one, until now, has determined how much money being obese may cost in terms of dollars.

Scientists have long recognized being overweight inflates medical bills. However, it seems that there is quite a bit more to consider. Researchers at George Washington University ran the figures, incorporating factors such as worker sick days, reduced productivity, and even the cost of additional fuel needed to drive cars with the additional weight that obese drivers add. Their finds show that the approximate annual cost of obesity is $4,879 for women and $2,646 for men.

Released Tuesday, the research report also examined earlier scientific studies in order to develop a total cost. The researchers also determined the cost of simply being overweight, rather than obese. The results: $432 for women and $524 for women.

Obesity in clinically defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. Overweight is defined as having a BMI higher than 25.

The report also took a look at the expense of premature death. When that factor is considered, a woman’s obesity costs jump to $8,365, and men’s to $6,518.

It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of the American public are either obese or overweight. In addition, childhood obesity has increased over the last 30 years. Approximately 18 percent of adolescents are regarded as obese.

The research was designed to inform policymakers so that they might recognize the value of additional funding to fight obesity and weight gain in the US .