June 28, 2022

Red Sox Biting Off Huge Salary Commitments

red sox

The Red Sox signed on big with free agent Carl Crawford Wednesday night worth a reported $142 million

After a huge deal was reached with outfielder Carl Crawford who was a free agent Wednesday, the Red Sox organization jumped up to $594.75 million for commitments to salary alone through the year 2018. The deal with Crawford was a seven year commitment valued at $142 million.

Add Wednesday night’s deal to the nearly finalized agreement with former San Diego first baseman Adrian Gonzalez worth $154 million over seven years, and the Red Sox have darn near caught up with the New York Yankees in committed dollars. The Yankees are currently hovering just above $613 million.

The numbers, pulled from a report by USA Today, includes salary figures that have been filed along with contract agreements that are still pending.

The Yankees aren’t stopping where they’re at, though. They are reported to be working on signing free agent Cliff Lee. If successful, the contract is likely to be worth in excess of $140 million.

Between just the Red Sox and Yankees, 16 players will earn more than $9 million in salary for next season. Compare that to the rest of the American League East division who has only 3 players at that level of earning.

Back in 2002, then Red Sox president and CEO, Larry Lucchino, referred to the Yankees as the “Evil Empire” because of the huge amounts of salaries being paid. It seems the Sox have caught up and are nearly toe to toe with them.