September 25, 2022

President Obama Gets Fat Lip Playing Basketball, Requires 12 Stitches

president obama basketball

The President took one to the mouth today during a friendly basketball game. Image by senorglory.

What started out as a casual game of basketball the day after Thanksgiving, turned into a Presidential incident. President Obama was playing ball with friends, family and some White House staff when an errant elbow found it’s way to the President’s mouth. The injury required 12 stitches to close the tear in his upper lip.

The participant that caused the injury in the five on five game played at Fort McNair was Rey Decerega, according to a White House spokesperson. Decerega is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s director of programs. No foul play was identified and the mishap is being called an accident.

The President had his lip sewn up after returning home to the White House. Local medical staff repaired the tear using an increased number of stitches than normal along with a smaller filament than is typically seen. These tactics serve to create a tighter stitch resulting in a smaller scar. Obama was given local anesthesia during the procedure.

Basketball is one of the President’s favorite past times and he enjoys participating as well as watching games on a regular basis. He has attended a number of professional and college games while being in office.

Decerega released a statement through the White House in which he observed the President being both a good sport as well as a tough competitor.