October 3, 2022

Possible Cholera Case In Miami


An American Airlines flight carried a passenger suspected of being contaminated with Cholera

On Thanksgiving day, on a flight from Santo Domingo to Miami International Airport, a man became ill with symptoms similar to that of Cholera.

Haiti is on news channels around the world right now with their Cholera outbreak. The disease has killed nearly 2,000 people in that country and hospitalized about 30,000 more.

The man, who has not yet been identified, was a doctor who had spent time in Haiti treating those with Cholera.

Once the man became ill, another doctor on the plane came to his aid to assist him. The flight staff and cockpit were made aware of the situation. The cockpit then contacted their staff physicians and told them to have EMS personnel available when they landed.

American Airlines contacted the Center for Disease Control and was assured that Cholera is not contagious under normal circumstances.

Cholera is spread through contaminated water and food, or through the vomit and feces of one that is affected. Therefore no one on the plane was in danger of getting Cholera.

As a safety precaution, American Airlines took the plane out of service and gave it a thorough, sanitary cleaning of the lavatories and the passenger areas.

American Airlines did not make announcements on the plane with the man who fell ill, as the Center for Disease Control did not think it was necessary. If health officials ask for notification they have contact information for all those aboard.