October 3, 2022

Placebos Works Wonders According To Recent Study

placebo pills

A new study found the sugar pills worked nearly as effectively as medication for a group of test patients with irritable bowel syndrome

A new study was done with patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Doctors divided a group of 80 patients into two, telling half of them they were taking a placebo that was nothing more than a sugar pill. The other half received nothing.

Surprisingly those that took the placebo, even though they knew it was a placebo, and even though they were reminded many times during the 3 week period that it was a placebo, still had great results. It worked almost as well as medication that is currently on the market for irritable bowel syndrome.

The placebo has no side effects and it’s a lot cheaper than the other medication.

Senior author and Harvard Medical School associate professor of medicine at Anthony Lembo in a statement said, “I didn’t think it would work, I felt awkward asking patients to literally take a placebo. But to my surprise, it seemed to work for many of them.”

Nearly 60 percent of those that took the sugar pill, knowingly, felt better. Of those that took nothing at all, only 35 percent felt better over time.

This type of study is called a placebo effect and it has been used since almost the beginning of medicine. The findings from the study were reported in the journal PloS One on Wednesday.