October 3, 2022

Pirates Still A Modern Day Threat

somali pirates

Pirates are costing the world nearly $12 billion a year as the problem continues to grow

Just like a scene from a modern day Hollywood film, pirates still pose a real threat to cargo and cruise ships crossing oceans. Somali pirates in the entire expanse of the Indian Ocean have stepped up their game despite inclement weather.

The Somali pirates in particular, are using tankers they have hijacked that are carrying gas and chemicals to launch attacks on other vessels. The large tankers are nearly impossible for forces to attack them given the explosive and hazardous materials on board. They make perfect mother ships for the pirates who use them as a home base of sorts to also carry their lighter weight attack craft.

One such mother ship, the MV York which was captured last year while en route to the Seychelles. Experts believe this is just one of as many as five similar vessels.

So far in this year alone, at least twenty ships have come under attack by pirates. It’s believed that six of them have been captured. The crews on board the ships are treated horribly, being held captive near the coastal towns of Hobyo and Haradheere.

The European Union and NATO navies have been campaigning hard against the pirates, with limited success. It’s estimated the pirate problem is racking up costs of almost $12 billion a year.