September 25, 2022

Personal Jetpacks Are In Our Near Future

martin jetpack

A New Zealand company is looking to release a personal jetpack to the public sometime this year. Image courtesy of Martin.

It looks like the environment is going to have a new enemy in the not so distant future. A New Zealand company, Martin Aircraft, is wrapping up the final stages of product development on a personal jetpack that anyone can operate. The product is to begin undergoing field tests very soon. Once complete, the jetpacks will be made available for around $100,000 each.

Personal jetpacks are not new. Forward thinking companies have long had a love affair with the idea of strapping on a jet engine and taking off in the ultimate form of personal flight. Until recently, though, technical and mechanical challenges have prevented the prospective for mass development.

The Martin Jetpack promises 30 minutes of continuous flight time. The personal jetpack is capable of reaching altitudes of 8,000 feet and can fly 31 miles. According to a report in Fast Thinking, the jetpack is constructed from lightweight carbon fiber composite. Martin has also built in a backup flying system and emergency parachute for extra safety.

Flight training is required for pilots. A weight limit of 238 pounds is also specified.

The big business question is mass appeal. What exactly do you do with a personal jetpack? According to the company, they are working with an unnamed government agency interested in 500 Martin Jetpacks a year. A remote controlled version of the jetpack is also under development and anticipated to be available in 2011.