June 27, 2022

Passengers Get More Excitement Than They Bargained For On Delta Flight 90

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Delta Flight 90 was held at Portland International Airport today when box cutters were found on the plane by flight crew

Today, on Delta Airlines Flight 90 inbound to Portland, Oregon from Tokyo, Japan, passengers got a little more than any hope for when taking a flight. While en route, flight crew found box cutters on board the plane.

A Delta spokeswoman, Susan Chana Elliott, said in a statement that the flight crew took the very cautious approach by contacting authorities. They requested the plane be met upon landing at Portland International Airport.

The FBI opened a criminal investigation into the matter. Passengers and crew were held on the plane while it was searched by FBI investigators. Once the search was completed, each of the passengers were then questioned, sent through customs, and finally released.

The FBI did not have comment on what specifically was found on the plane, however they did confirm no explosives were present on the flight.

Airlines the world over are on a higher than normal security alert in response to the explosive materials found hidden in printer cartridges placed on two different flights inbound to the United States from Yemen. Officials believe the packages were bombs orchestrated by terrorists working with al-Qaida.

No other flights or operations were delayed by the Delta flight investigation according to the Port of Portland who operates PDX.