October 3, 2022

“Paranormal Activity 2” Makes A Big Scare

Paranormal Activity 2 movie

The big hit of the weekend was low budget thriller "Paranormal Activity 2"

“Paranormal Activity 2” was a huge box office hit over the weekend. For a low budget horror film, it did very well with $41.5 million in the three day weekend. This was easily enough to clinch the number one spot.

This movie was instantly profitable, which these days having a movie do that in three days in nearly impossible. It also surpassed the original movie which had an opening weekend of $21 million.

The film was a sequel to last years low budget hit. It focuses on supernatural occurrences that terrorize a family.

The vice chairman of Paramount Pictures, Rob Moore, said, “Our goal was to connect with audiences in as much the same way as the first movie did. They can never discover the movie again, but hopefully there are elements that get people talking.”

Even though horror films are never the favorite of critics, this one has gotten great reviews. This is according to the movie review site RottenTomatoes.com.

The first “Paranormal Activitiy” cost $11,000 to make and raked in $183 million worldwide. The sequel cost $3 million to make. Sounds like a lot more, which it was, but compared to other big studio films, which cost $60 million to make, this was again very low budget. They relied heavily on web chatter as their marketing.

Paramount was also thrilled with it’s other movie, “Jackass 3D” as it took in $21.6 million this weekend and a total of $87 million over a two week period.