September 25, 2022

Owner of Segway Company Killed in Segway Accident

James Heselden

James Heselden

The wealthy English entrepreneur whose company manufactures the Segway people transporter has died after falling off a cliff into a river in northern England. He had apparently driven off the cliff on one of the Segway vehicles.

The body of James Heselden and a Segway were discovered in the River Wharfe near his home. According to West Yorkshire police, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Sunday, a witness reported seeing a man fall from a 30-foot cliff into the river close to the hamlet of Boston Spa, approximately 140 miles north of London.

Police reported that the incident does not appear to be suspicious and that they believe that no other persons were involved in the accident.

The authorities have not released additional details concerning the incident. Members of Mr. Heselden’s family requested privacy on Monday after placing memorial flowers at the densely wooded accident site, a popular location for nature lovers and hikers.

Heselden purchased a controlling interest of the U.S.-based Segway LLC this past December. He had made his fortune through his company, Hesco Bastion Ltd. The company developed a blast wall protective system that replaced the sand bag walls previously used to shield soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hesco Bastion is located in Leeds, near the tough area of Halton Moor where Heselden spent his youth. He quit school at age 15 and initially labored as a coal miner prior to entering business. He was well known in Britain for his philanthropic efforts.

Heselden was known as a quiet, pleasant man who was immensely proud of his hometown of Leeds. He often suggested that individuals who had prospered had a responsibility to assist others who were less fortunate.

Recently, Heselden donated 10 million pounds (approximately $15.9 million) to the Leeds Community Foundation, boosting his charitable giving to a total of 23 million pounds.