September 25, 2022

Overweight Women Think They Are Normal Weight

overweight women

A recent study found that many women were not aware of their being obese

A study was done that shows 1 in 4 women think they are of normal weight, when in fact they are overweight or even obese. Another 16 percent are normal weight, yet worry they are too fat.

The study also found misconceptions of weight were often correlated with race. Black and Hispanic ladies didn’t think they had weight problems compared to the whites who are so worried about weighing too much.

The reason the study focuses only on women is because the study was done in public health clinics in Texas, and it was mostly low income women attending these meetings.

The results from the survey showed that nearly 30 percent of adult Americans that are considered overweight thought they were actually normal size. Seventy percent of those that were classified as obese, simply felt they were a little overweight.

Of the heaviest group of people, that were clearly seen as the morbidly obese, 39 percent thought of themselves as overweight.

The problem seems to be with the fact that America is getting fatter. Many women don’t think they are overweight because they see many around them that are clearly heavier than they are. Therefore their weight has become more of the norm.

There are real health issues that come with these misconceptions. Those that are overweight, but don’t see it as a problem are less likely to eat healthy or even exercise. Then there are those that are normal weight that think they are overweight and take diet pills or eat poorly as well.

One positive thing that was discovered was the group that was overweight and knew they were overweight had tried eating better in the last 30 days.

Everyone should look for a BMI calculator online and check and see where they fall.