January 22, 2019

Our Writers

James T. Mifflin, Editor-in-Chief
Jim has over thirty years of experience in both print and broadcast journalism. In addition to serving as Editor-in Chief, you will find his byline on a wide range of stories ranging from business to world politics. Jim is originally from Pittsburgh, PA but he has covered various beats in both Europe and the US.
Email: editor {at} paladinpost.com

Vanessa Jackson
Vanessa’s  is our go-to person for the latest in technology. Prior to joining the Paladin Post staff, she spent several years as a researcher and public relations specialist with a major Silicon Valley technology firm. This experience gives her a unique perspective on our rapidly changing world. Vanessa hails from Palo Alto, CA.
Email: vjackson {at} paladinpost.com

John Ostroski
John primarily covers the world of sports and recreation. However, as a traditional print reporter for several newspapers in the southern US, John’s just as likely to file stories on finance topics. John claims Richmond, VA as his hometown.
Email: jostroski {at} paladinpost.com

Mari Arroyo
Mari is our resident entertainment resource. She keeps up on all the inside info on Hollywood, as well as what to do with your free time. Mari is originally from Miami, FL. She holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Florida.
Email: marroyo {at} paladinpost.com

Elaine Atwood-Adler
Elaine has a passion for the environment and the issues surrounding our planet. She closely follows this sector and regularly writes about ways to ease our impact on our natural resources. Elaine comes to us from Tacoma, WA. She recently earned her Masters Degree in English from Washington State University.
Email: eatwoodadler {at} paladinpost.com

Rani Vijay
Rani is our health guru. She knows fitness and nutrition, and enjoys covering topics that have an impact on people’s lives and well being. Rani calls Kalamazoo, Michigan home. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Communications
Email: rvijay {at} paladinpost.com

Glynnis Jennings
Glynnis recently joined us to focus on travel related news. She can sniff out a travel deal like nobody’s business and loves to cover news that will take readers to far off places. Glynnis is originally from Joplin, Missouri. Her B.A. degree is from Drury University.
Email: gjennings {at} paladinpost.com

Kurt Lindt, Intern
Email: klindt {at} paladinpost.com