October 3, 2022

Oprah Disappointed With Abuse Verdict

oprah winfrey

News of the verdict in the trial of the woman accused of abusing girls in Africa disappointed Oprah Winfrey. Image by Alan Light.

Oprah Winfrey is disappointed with the outcome of the case against the woman that was accused of abusing girls at her Leadership Academy for Girls near Johannesburg. The abuse allegedly took place shortly after the school opened back in 2007. Tiny Virginia Makopo was the former matron at the school. She was accused of the abuse. Makopo had tried to kiss several of the students, and was also accused of assaulting one of the teens and a fellow supervisor.

Prosecutor Etienne Venter said she was found not guilty on all charges, which was devastating news to Winfrey. Venter also said that they do not plan to appeal the decision of the court.

When Winfrey first heard about the allegations she began to cry. Winfrey has been very open through the years with her own sexual abuse that she suffered as a child, but then she immediately hired a team of American private investigators to work with the South African police.

Even though Makopo was found not guilty, Winfrey said she appreciated the effort of the investigators and the police. She also praised the 9 girls that came forward and testified with courage.

Winfrey started this school in hopes of giving girls from poor backgrounds an opportunity at an education. She has to personally approve each of the girls. Many of the girls that are attending the school were top of there classes.