October 3, 2022

One More Hit Against WikiLeaks

apple ipad

Apple banned WikiLeaks from its store Tuesday due to it violating company policy. Image courtesy of Apple.

The backlash against WikiLeaks continues. On Tuesday, Apple Inc. removed an application from its iTunes App Store that allowed users to access information from the WikiLeaks web site. It also removed its Twitter feed. This change affects those using mobile devices from Apple such as the iPhone and iPad.

Apple has joined the ranks of a growing number of companies banning WikiLeaks from using their services. Large companies such as PayPal, Visa and even MasterCard are preventing the site from receiving money from those wanting to support it. Amazon shut down access to its web servers by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks got itself into this mess by releasing a number of documents sensitive to the United States government. The site has published thousands of sensitive war related documents and diplomatic media.

According to an Apple spokesperson, the application was removed from its store due violating company rules stating apps must “comply with all local laws and may not put an individual or group in harm’s way.”

Apple’s reach stretches to users by preventing them from installing apps not authorized by Apple in order to keep their device warranty in tact. This isn’t the first time Apple has exercised its power over what’s available to users. Earlier in the year, adult related apps began to disappear from the store.