September 25, 2022

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Spins into Action

Wind Farm Off the SE Coast of England

Wind Farm Off the SE Coast of England

The largest offshore wind farm in the world has begun operations off the southeast coast of Great Britain, a major project in the British government’s plans to increase the generation of renewable energy..

On Thursday, Vattenfall, a Swedish company, set the sails turning at its 22 square mile turbine operation. Located in the North Sea off the East Kent coast, the wind farm has 100 of the planned 341 turbines in production, capable of generating 300 megawatts. Presently there are 250 such farms in Britain with 12 of those offshore, bringing the total of operational turbines to 2909.

In an attempt to stem climate change due to carbon emissions the farm will potentially power 200,000 homes, increasing Britain’s wind power generation capabilities by 30%. With an estimated cost of 780 million pounds and two years of construction time, the farm increases Britain’s renewable energy capacity to five gigawatts.

But these staggering claims have failed to impress Professor Ian Fells, an energy expert, who stated, “You never know when the wind is going to blow.” Citing concerns over the government’s obsession with wind farms and neglect of other sources of renewable energy, the Professor was backed by critics who also emphasized the need for developing a fuel cell for storing the power.

While calling the wind farm an “important stride forward”, Craig Bennett, director of campaigns and policy for Friends of the Earth also expressed the need for other forms of renewable energy.

Recent projections made by the Global Wind Energy Council indicate that globally, wind power production should  double to exceed 400 gigawatts by 2014.