June 28, 2022

Obese Nine Month Old Babies On The Rise

childhood obesity

Obesity in children as young as nine months old is on the rise according to a new study

There is new research out in the American Journal of Health Promotion, and it shows that nearly a third of American babies are obese or overweight.

With childhood obesity on the rise in the United States, researchers are hoping to better understand the factors that contribute to childhood obesity.

Brian G. Moss of Wayne State University and William H. Yeaton of University of Michigan were the 2 lead authors that analyzed data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Birth Cohort.

Researchers are trying to come up with ways to help parents and health advocates. They’ve found it’s not realistic to tell the parent of nine month old to put their baby on a diet.

The researchers gathered data from 8,900 nine month old babies and also from 7,500 2 year old toddlers. In order to qualify as obese, the children had to exceed the 95th percentile in body mass index. Those between 85% and 95% were at risk.

By nine months, Moss and Yeaton found that 32% were either at risk for being obese or already considered obese. When those same kids reached the age of 2, the percentage rose to 34%.

Moss said he was shocked that the trend is starting at such a young age. They had seen studies that showed kids as young as five were considered obese. This led them to look into what was happening in toddlers and babies.

The researchers did notice that boys were more at risk than girls and that Latinos had the highest risk.

In the last decade, obesity for adults, teens and children has risen enough to get the attention of public health experts. Obesity causes a number of health issues if not dealt with like heart problems, diabetes and other health concerns.