October 3, 2022

Obama’s Health Care Reform Shot Down

obama health care plan

It looks like President Obama's health care plan will eventually make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson in Virginia ruled that it was unconstitutional to require individuals to buy health insurance. With this ruling, Hudson becomes the first judge to rule against the Obama Health Care Plan. Hudson said it exceeds the authority of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

This ruling could possibly thwart the entire health care plan, but Hudson is sure his case will be appealed. The case is expected to make it’s way up to the Supreme Court.

The case was filed in Virginia by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, who was defending the state of Virginia saying it was illegal to to require people to carry insurance.

Cuccinelli was very grateful to have prevailed. He went on to say, “This won’t be the final round, as this will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, but today is a critical milestone in the protection of the Constitution.”

Other lawsuits are still pending and some have been dismissed. Nancy-Ann DeParle, the White House reform director, said they are still optimistic since two other judges have upheld the law.

Hudson is a Republican appointed by President George W. Bush. He also has a long history in Republican politics in Northern Virginia. All judges that were appointed by a Republican president have ruled again the Obama health care plan while all democrats have approved it.