October 3, 2022

Not Enough Being Done To Stop Global Warming

united nations

Global warming continues to be a problem despite all the efforts and pledges to curb the impact on the earth

United Nations Scientists have done research showing that given all the pledges and promises made last year alone by some 80 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Copenhagen Accord, efforts fell short from what is needed to keep the global temperature rise to 2C. By keeping the global temperature that low they hope to avoid some of the worst consequences of global warming.

According to the “Emissions Gap Report,” even if every country did what they promised, they would still fall short of what is needed to protect the earth.

The report came out in a timely manner as next week is a meeting in Cancun, Mexico to discuss global warming. This document will become a key topic at this UN talk.

National Development and Reform Commission vice director, Xie Zhenhua, presented a progress report on how China was doing. According to Xie, the country is on track to meet the targets that were set. That is something that no single country has every achieved.

China intends to play an active role in the talks next week in Cancun, which open on November 29.

China is asking that the United States take a leadership role with the United Nations in these negotiations. Xie went on to say that he hopes “the U.S. will play a leadership role and drive the entire process of negotiations.”