October 3, 2022

No More Drilling Near Florida

offshore oil drilling

President Obama has put an indefinite hold on drilling off the gulf of Mexico

President Obama announced on Wednesday that there will no longer be offshore drilling off the Atlantic Coast or even in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Since the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed eleven workers and caused an undersea leak for 87 days, spilling 4.9 million barrels of oil, the Obama administration has changed its mind on offshore drilling.

The White House oil spill commission said that it was bad management and a communication breakdown by not only BP but Macando well partners too. The commission reported that the safely lapses were “chronic” and that there still needs to be improvements made to the system.

Although Halliburton and Transocean are also being blamed for the spill, BP is getting most of it. BP implemented “cost cutting” measures that increased the risk of danger in an already dangerous environment. They are also looking at the oil industry as a whole.

Currently companies are not even required to report an accident unless it is as big as something like the explosion was. There are huge gaps in the monitoring of offshore drilling, and a lot of them need to be resolved.

The commission will hold the last of it’s public hearings today and tomorrow. After those hearings, they will deliver the report to Obama in January.