October 3, 2022

Nintendo Ups The Portable Gaming Ante

nintendo 3ds logo

Nintendo will release its new 3D portable gaming system in late March, called the Nintendo 3DS

On March 27, Nintendo is going to change the face of portable gaming forever. Or at least that’s what they’re hoping to do. The company will be releasing the new Nintendo 3DS.

The 3DS will sell for $250 and affords gamers both young and old to enjoy three dimensional games without the use of 3D glasses. The system will also be able to take pictures in 3D.

Nintendo says the system will ship with several games, as well as an application that will allow a user to create avatars out of pictures taken with the camera built into the 3DS handheld.

Game developers are already hard at work creating 3D capable titles as well as augmented reality game features taking advantage of special augmented reality cards that can be placed on surfaces in the real world. When a player looks at the card through the lens of the 3DS camera, it will superimpose images on the surface the card sits on.

Nintendo expects over 30 games to be released for the 3DS system between the system’s release date and summer. The system will also be backwards compatible and able to play current Nintendo DS games.

An additional included feature, designed to enhance gaming, is called StreetPass. It allows the 3DS to find other gamers nearby through the wireless technology built into the unit.