September 25, 2022

NFL May Start Handing Down Player Suspensions For Brutal Hits

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The NFL is considering a ban on helmet hits in an attempt to increase player safety

When most people think of NFL football, they think about hard hits, physical intensity and one of the roughest sports a professional athlete can take part in. And for good reason. NFL players are some of the biggest and most physically fit athletes in the world, producing some of the most intense physical action one is going to find in professional sports.

The NFL is looking to change that perception a bit, manage it’s players health more readily and perhaps do some damage control on it’s reputation. With long term studies on head injuries showing a number of ill effects, the league has been forced to more carefully consider player safety in recent years.

Sunday’s series of head related injuries have accelerated the time table for the NFL to consider imposing new regulations according to Ray Anderson, the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations. One particular hit by New England safety Brandon Meriweather Anderson personally found “agitating.” Meriweather thrust his body into Todd Heap, a tight end for Baltimore. The hit was clearly in violation of rules in place, and Meriweather was penalized.

Unfortunately the penalties and fines don’t hold the impact they were intended to have when originally put in place. For many players and franchises, they’re simply the cost of doing business. This is leading the NFL to consider a complete ban on hits that use the helmet. This decision will be evaluated during the off season.