June 27, 2022

New Airport Security Continues To Fuel The Fire

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Fliers are up in arms about the scanning requirements

Passengers continue to not just be mad, but down right outraged at the new rules the TSA has put in place. Your choice is a “porno” X-ray machine, that is not good for your health, or a full body, invasive pat down.

We have already seen images that have been leaked onto the net of what the full body scanner shows those who monitor them, not to mention 30 seconds of radiation for the user.

The pat downs also have angered many people as they are completely patted down by total strangers. The “pat down” complaints are across the boards. Some report feeling very violated while the security made them feel even more uncomfortable and others say while not pleasing, it’s not too bad.

The day before Thanksgiving is the heaviest travel day of the year and two new websites, OptOutDay.com and WeWontFly.com, are trying to get all passengers to either opt out of flying that day, or if that is not an option they want everyone to refuse to use the full body scanner and opt for the full body pat down.

They are then asking those that choose the full body pat down to dress “appropriately”. They are asking the men to wear kilts without underwear and one guy is planning on having lingerie models follow them in. Some are even vowing “nude protests.” They are also asking anyone that feels confident enough to please wear just their underwear.

TSA is aware of the protest that is happening and are planning on having all the man power they need to be ready for the it. Although they did go on to say that they really aren’t expecting a very large scale national protest.