June 28, 2022

Microsoft Kinect Connects You To The Game Without A Controller

microsoft kinect xbox 360 4gb

Microsoft is introducing new advancements in gaming hardware with it's next generation Kinect device

Microsoft has released yet another game changer. This time it’s an add on for the company’s Xbox 360 game console called Kinect. The device has been flying off the shelves since it’s release Thursday.

Kinect represents the next generation of game play offering the ability to control aspects of the game and other interactive entertainment options through the detection of a user’s position, movements and voice input. It’s hands free for game play.

Kinect consists of a device that hooks up to an Xbox 360. The device has two cameras and an infrared projector built into it, used to detect a user’s position and how they move in a three dimensional space. It also contains four microphones to gather sound for input.

Microsoft announced that 17 games were available for the Kinect, just in time for the holiday season. Microsoft is also working on other entertainment titles to build the device into an entertainment hub of sorts. They have plans to add more Xbox centered media options in the future including relationships with other vendors such as Hulu Plus.

Currently two ways are offered to get your hands on the Kinect device. The first is by purchasing the Kinect device for $149.99.  The second is through the purchase of an Xbox 360 bundled with the Kinect device for $449.98.