June 27, 2022

Media Frenzy Surrounds News Of Tuesday Verizon Announcement

verizon iphone

The world may finally see one of the most talked about, yet to be released products of 2010, the Verizon iPhone, on Tuesday during a Verizon held press event. Image courtesy of Apple.

News sites and blogs have been whipped into a frenzy when invitations to a Verizon Wireless announcement started hitting media journalist’s hands this past week. Everyone is assuming the press event being held in New York City will be a joint one between Apple and Verizon to finally announce the Verizon iPhone.

Initial rumors pegged the announcement as one that would see a Verizon tablet, but those were quickly overrun with Verizon iPhone news. The first on board was the Wall Street Journal who was the first to report credible news last year from unnamed sources close to Apple that the coveted smartphone was finally close to making it’s way onto the Verizon network. The news outlet cited a source “familiar with the matter” saying the Verizon iPhone would be unveiled on Tuesday.

One post by PC Magazine deduced that this would be an Apple event based on what media outlets and journalists were invited and which ones weren’t. For instance, Gizmodo, the blog that was blacklisted by Apple after purchasing an iPhone 4 prototype lost by an Apple employee last year, was not invited. The blog claims to have a great relationship with Verizon, so it only stands to reason they weren’t invited to this event because it’s an Apple focused one.

Another media source, Loop Insight, received an invite for Jim Dalrymple who only writes about Apple news. It doesn’t make sense he would receive an invite for a Verizon press event unless there was an Apple twist to it.