September 25, 2022

McNabb Gets 5 Year Contract Worth $78 million

washington redskins

In a surprise move, the Washington Redskins extended Donovan McNabb's contract for another 5 years

Donovan McNabb has been signed on for an additional 5 years. With the extension, his contract will be worth a total of $78 million, with about $40 million guaranteed, according to his agent, Fletcher Smith.

With the new contract he will also get a $3.5 million bonus and the Redskins can cut him during the off season and they won’t owe him any more money.

The surprise is that he was benched just 2 weeks ago in the final 2 minutes of the game against the Detroit Lions. Not just benched, but replaced with Rex Grossman, the quarterback/train wreck, because McNabb couldn’t even do a 2 minute drill. They are calling him out of shape. Even Smith thought this move was very shocking. He said, “The last 2 minutes of the game, that’s really where you earn your money.”

This extension is giving tons of money to a 34 year old who is having his worst season since his rookie years. But coach Mike Shanahan has decided he wants to keep the 6 time Pro Bowler as he rebuilds his team.

Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick has been on fire with last nights Monday Night Football being one of his greatest performances ever. If Vick is doing that well and McNabb is not, many want to know how much Vick is worth. Vick clearly out shined McNabb.

Other pro athletes are speaking out. Cincinnati Bengals, Terrell Owens, wondered how he could justify that kind of money with that kind of performance.