September 25, 2022

Mariah Carey Is Indeed Pregnant

mariah carey

Mariah Carey announced she and hubby Nick Cannon are finally pregnant. Image by david_shankbone.

This might not be news for those that have watched Mariah Carey,41, the last few months as she has made references to babies and pregnancies. Thursday morning, on NBC’s Today Show, she finally announced that the rumors were true, she is pregnant. The rumors have been going around since August, but Carey was trying to hold on to her privacy as long as she could.

Carey did share that right after they were married in 2008 she became pregnant, but had a miscarriage. She says that it was a very dark and difficult time for her and husband, Nick Cannon. During the day she would smile for the cameras, but at night, Cannon said she would cry herself to sleep.

Cannon said the experience brought the two of them closer together and it even strengthened their marriage.

Carey said that she is due in the spring, but would not give an exact due date. At this time they have no plans to learn of the sex of the baby.

To set the record straight, she did conceive naturally. She didn’t use in vitro fertilization, nor did she pay a visit to Jennifer Lopez’s doctor. She and Cannon accomplished this on their own.