October 3, 2022

Lindsay Lohan In Trouble Again

lindsay lohan

Trouble seems to follow Lindsay Lohan these days who got into a scuffle with a staffer at Betty Ford. Image by Chesi - Fotos CC.

Lindsay Lohan ended up having an altercation with a staff member at the Betty Ford rehab center in southern California on December 12.

Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan is ready to fight for his daughter. He claims that the staff member involved has had it in for Lindsay the whole time she has been at the facility.

Lindsay says that she was out with friends to get her hair done, which she is allowed to do. Lindsay and her friends came in 10 minutes late, and the staff member had reason to believe she had been drinking. When the group arrived. the staff member grabbed Lindsay’s arm, but not the other two girls. She demanded that Lindsay take a urine test. Lindsay brushed her off.

One of the friends admitted to drinking, but Lindsay claims that she was only drinking non alcoholic Shirley Temples.

The staff member should have called the security at the facility, but instead she called the cops.

The police are treating this as a no-arrest misdemeanor. Once they are done with the investigation they will turn it over to the local district attorney who will file charges if they choose.

This altercation may prolong her time at the Betty Ford rehabilitation center.