June 28, 2022

Kids Want iPads This Year And Apple Provides A One Day Sale

apple ipad sale

Apple offered an unprecendented discount on a number of products today including the Apple iPad. Image courtesy of Apple.

Much to many parent’s chagrin, a recent survey by industry researcher Nielsen revealed what kids aged 6 to 12 were after this year: an Apple iPad. 31 percent of the youngsters had their sights set on the tablet device as the top item on their wish list.

The next two items on the list were a computer and an Apple iPod Touch, both coming in at 29 percent. Where were the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation 3? Fourth and fifth on the list respectively. This came as a surprise to many industry experts who anticipated both gaming devices to top the list.

Apple’s coveted status stretched into 13+ year olds as well according to the survey. The iPad, although not number one, cracked the top three.

Apple’s marketing efforts are paying off as demand for its devices continues to grow. To help fuel the fire even further, the computer giant announced a Black Friday sale on a number of its gadgets including the iPad and iPod Touch. Savings of $21 to $101 were offered on various products, with a $41 discount being applied to all iPad purchases.

Free shipping was also offered for online orders over $50.

The move is a common one this holiday shopping season as retailers, especially those online, scramble to bring customer dollars to their web sites.