June 28, 2022

Kathy Bates To Play Harry In New Show

harrys law nbc

A new show called Harry's Law stars long time actress Kahty Bates. Image courtesy of NBC.

On Monday, January 17 a new show will premiere, “Harry’s Law” starring Kathy Bates. Bates plays the character Harry who has been fired from her job as a patent lawyer where she earned $600,000 a year. She was bored with her job and was caught smoking pot and watching cartoons in her office, which is how she was canned. After a series of events, she eventually buys a shoe store and opens her own shoe store/law firm.

For those that have watched Bates over the years, she has played many roles. The one that she is most noted for is her role as Annie in the movie “Misery” where she used a sledgehammer to hobble her hostage. Bates says to this day, she still hears sledgehammer jokes.

This role is different for Bates. This role is much similar to her own personality. As a matter of fact, Bates really enjoys playing this character. When she was younger, she always chose roles that were the opposite of her own personality, but as she gets older, she enjoys the similarities more.

The show, which is created by David E. Kelly, was originally written as a male part. Bates got her hands on it, read it, and knew she had to have the part. Kelly offered to change the name to Harriet’s Law, but Bates argued that it needed to stay the same. Nothing could change.